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Who doesn’t love eating nicely fried-spicy food? If you can’t resist cooking new fried food dishes you must have heard about air fryers. Air fryers are electronic devices that fry the food with a minimum amount of oil. 80% oil intake is reduced for cooking. Reduced oil intake is not only good for your pocket, but health as well. If you’re looking for the best air fryers in India, it can be a hectic task. You may end up buying a costly air fryer. But no need to worry, we help you pick from the top 6 air fryers in the market. We help you save your hard-earned money and precious time. Don’t waste time reading countless air fryer reviews online. There are various brands in the market claiming to be the best one. Our experts have tested some of the popular brands, these can satisfy your cooking habits and needs.

Buying Tips for Air Fryers

If you want to buy one of the best air fryers in India, you must follow the tips we give you:

  • Capacity

Air fryers have capacity from as low as 2 liters to 4 liters max. Most common difference between Air fryers is that of capacity food that can be fried. If your family is small, go for a 2-3 liter variant. It can fry 4-5 servings. The larger variants have a capacity ranging from 3.5 to 4L. If you often cook non-vegetarian food, that is a good option for you.

  • Auto-off
    Cooking means sometimes you forget to turn off the oven or stove and it burns the food, ruining the pleasure. Hence auto-off is a feature that is essential in every electronic kitchen appliance. Auto-off means you get to set the timer and it turns off itself after that time.
  • Temperature knob
    If your air fryer has a temperature knob, it is used to adjust the flames for food items like potatoes or chicken, as both need different temperature levels to fry. Different temperature levels can avoid overcooking and undercooking. The range of temperature is 140-200 degrees.
  • Cord length
    Make sure that you get a long enough cord with it, most offer you a cord of 1.5m length.
  • Power intake
    Power intake of the air fryer is something that most don’t consider while buying the device. If you don’t buy the right one, it might cost you a lot in electricity bills. The air fryers have a power intake capacity of 1000-1500 Watt, and have a 3-pin plug.

If you follow the tips given above, it’s easy to buy air fryers online in India. Now that we have seen the tips, it’s time to see the top rated air fryers in India. The list has been prepared carefully with various factors taken into consideration. The list also has some budget air fryers in India.

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