Top 6 Tower Fans in India to Buy in 2024 – Reviews

SaleBest Sellers No. 1
Symphony Surround High Speed Bladeless Technology Tower Fan for Home With Swivel Action, Dust Filter, and Low Power Consumption (Grey)
  • Air Throw: This new-age tower fan produces air throw up to 25 feet of the distance under ideal conditions
  • Bladeless Technology: Featuring the latest innovations in fan technology, surround i creates high-power airflow and keeps your kids and pets safe
  • Powerful Air Volume: Bladeless design of this fan allows it to create an air volume of 650 cubic meters per hour to provide a powerful breeze whenever you desire
  • Swivel Action: This bladeless fan swivels 45° right or 45° left to provide air for a wider area and accommodate more people
  • Easy-to-Use: Ergonomically designed control knobs facilitate simple control of fan speed, swivel action, timer, and power for your convenience
SaleBest Sellers No. 2
Casa Copenhagen, FANS05 Collection Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4 Way Air Flow, High Speed, Anti Rust Body - Standard - Sun White/Black
  • This fan provides amazing air delivery upto 2250m3/hr, delivering cool air into your bedroom at all times. The 3 speed control and air swing allows you to have the best breeze in entire day.
  • The High Speed Tower Fan has a powerful motor, which can throw air upto distance of 25 feet. The modern design makes it an ideal fan for people at home, offices, etc.
  • Low Power Consumption | Voltage: 220~240V, 50/60Hz AC
  • 12 Months Warranty (Warranty Registration should be done within 30 days from the date of delivery.)
SaleBest Sellers No. 3
Philips CX 5535/11 High Performance Bladeless Technology Tower Fan with Touchscreen Panel and Remote Control, Quiet Operation, Low Power Consumption and Lightweight Portable Body.
  • LARGE AIRFLOW COVERAGE : Our air outlet is designed to be both wide and high, providing large coverage and a quick cooling effect. Combined with its 60° OSCILLATION, you feel a refreshing breeze in all corners of the room
  • MULTIPLE SPEED MODES: Fully adapt your fan’s performance to your needs, whether it be a gentle breeze or a more powerful blast of air. With three versatile modes : Normal, Natural Wind, or Quiet Sleep and 3 Speed settings you can really get that perfect cooling effect as per your mood
  • AROMATHERAPY ADD-ON: Infuse the cool breeze with your favorite essential oils for a soothing and rejuvenating sensory experience. The optional aroma-diffuser add-on helps you create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and well-being. *Essential oils not part of package
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN : A minimalistic, eye-catching design that goes well with any decor. The lightweight and portable body makes it perfect fit for use in any area of the house be it the bedroom, kitchen, and other areas where a personal cooling experience is required.
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED OPERATION: The feather touch control panel and ergonomic remote controller makes our tower fan a pleasure to use and have in any room
SaleBest Sellers No. 5
Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan With 25 Feet Powerful Air Throw, 3 Speed 2 Way Air Deflection & High Speed 2250 m3/hr Air Delivery (1200 Rpm, Black & White)
  • Powerful air throw: The tower fan is equipped with a powerful motor that provides a 25 feet air throw, ensuring efficient cooling and air circulation in large rooms or spaces.
  • 3-speed options: The fan offers three speed settings (low, medium, and high) to suit your cooling needs. You can easily adjust the speed according to your preference for personalized comfort.
  • 2-way air deflection: The tower fan features a 2-way air deflection system that allows you to direct the airflow both vertically and horizontally. This ensures widespread cooling and better air distribution throughout the room.
  • High-speed air delivery: With a high-speed air delivery of 2250 m3/hr (cubic meters per hour), the fan quickly and effectively circulates cool air, providing instant relief during hot summer days.
  • Efficient RPM: The tower fan operates at 1200 RPM (rotations per minute), enabling a consistent and powerful airflow for maximum cooling efficiency.
SaleBest Sellers No. 6
Bajaj Snowvent 150 Watts Tower Fan (Blue-Turquoise)
  • Power : 150W, Air Delivery : 42CMM;Sturdy Indigenous design : Stabilized thermoplastic for aesthetic and corrosion-resistant life.Remote : No
  • Ergonomic Control Panel : speed and swing controls designed for ease of use;Tough Blower : to ensure optimum air throw efficiency, with 3-speed selection
  • Light Weight & Portable;Tough Blower: 3 Speed Selection for optimum air throw efficiency
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Controller Type: Button Control; Mounting Type: Free Standing; Material Type: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

We Indians have grown up enjoying the cool breeze of the ceiling fan and desert cooler. But a new competitor has arrived in the market – tower fan. A tower fan is a new electric appliance in the Indian market compared to old products like ceiling fans, air conditioners, and desert coolers. Despite being a new product, the market has already witnessed a flood of various models and brands claiming to be the best tower fan in India. If you have plans to purchase a new tower fan this year, you’re reading the right article. We have prepared this article to help you find the real best tower fan in India.

What is a Tower Fan?

Tower fans are active and better alternatives to the regular, traditional ceiling fans and desert coolers. They are compact in design and have a vertical base of 90 degrees. Their design allows them to circulate air faster in the entire room than other fans. The tower fan can beat the scorching summer heat with the cold air it circulates. However, they are not a replacement for air conditioners. They are better than water coolers. These are more efficient than water coolers. If you think a tower fan can put a hole into your pocket, you need not be worried. We have found some brands of affordable tower fan in India.

Reasons You Should Own a Tower Fan

The top rated tower fans in India are compact in design, and you don’t have to dedicate much space for them. It can slide into any small space and provide you cooling.

Tower fans consume only 50 Watts, which is half than a regular air cooler which consumes 100 Watts.

These fans have the remarkable cooling capacity, yet they remain quiet while doing the operation. The best tower fans of 2021 produce noise below 60 dB—ideal for sick patients, older people, and kids.

Most tower fans come with an air-filtration mechanism, and it removes all the harmful allergic components from the environment. The air ionizers present in the tower fan freshens the air in the room.

These are some prominent features of the tower fan. If you have a big budget, you can get some prominent brands in the market with unique features. However, there are some perfect budget tower fan in India that can do the job well.  Don’t waste time reading piles of tower fan reviews, read this article, and follow the tips to get the right product.

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