Top 6 Tower Fans in India to Buy in 2021 – Reviews

We Indians have grown up enjoying the cool breeze of the ceiling fan and desert cooler. But a new competitor has arrived in the market – tower fan. A tower fan is a new electric appliance in the Indian market compared to old products like ceiling fans, air conditioners, and desert coolers. Despite being a new product, the market has already witnessed a flood of various models and brands claiming to be the best tower fan in India. If you have plans to purchase a new tower fan this year, you’re reading the right article. We have prepared this article to help you find the real best tower fan in India.

What is a Tower Fan?

Tower fans are active and better alternatives to the regular, traditional ceiling fans and desert coolers. They are compact in design and have a vertical base of 90 degrees. Their design allows them to circulate air faster in the entire room than other fans. The tower fan can beat the scorching summer heat with the cold air it circulates. However, they are not a replacement for air conditioners. They are better than water coolers. These are more efficient than water coolers. If you think a tower fan can put a hole into your pocket, you need not be worried. We have found some brands of affordable tower fan in India.

Reasons You Should Own a Tower Fan

The top rated tower fans in India are compact in design, and you don’t have to dedicate much space for them. It can slide into any small space and provide you cooling.

Tower fans consume only 50 Watts, which is half than a regular air cooler which consumes 100 Watts.

These fans have the remarkable cooling capacity, yet they remain quiet while doing the operation. The best tower fans of 2021 produce noise below 60 dB—ideal for sick patients, older people, and kids.

Most tower fans come with an air-filtration mechanism, and it removes all the harmful allergic components from the environment. The air ionizers present in the tower fan freshens the air in the room.

These are some prominent features of the tower fan. If you have a big budget, you can get some prominent brands in the market with unique features. However, there are some perfect budget tower fan in India that can do the job well.  Don’t waste time reading piles of tower fan reviews, read this article, and follow the tips to get the right product.

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