Top 6 Happy Republic Day 2024 Quotes in Hindi & English

India is now all set to celebrate the sixty ninth Republic day by this week. This particular day is been celebrated by every other citizen of India as it marks the emergence of India from the British ruled government and the day where the constitution of India got birth. It’s a public holiday where people celebrate the occasion by hosting the national flag of India at the schools, colleges, government offices and at other public places celebrating the day which made India a democratic country. If you are about to make a speech in this Republic day, then you need to consider these Top 6 Republic Day Quotes that can inspire and let people know the significance behind celebrating the day.

Top 6 Republic Day Quotes in English

Top Republic Day Quotes in English

1. ►We are the Indians and we are the first and last of our kind.

2.► Let us all gather together to celebrate the sacrifices which our freedom fighters made to attain victory and let the country attain its freedom.

3. ►Let the journey of peace and progress in economy happen in this year starting from this Republic Day.

4.► Let New India rise in terms of education, employment, health and wealth.

 5. ►Salute to the brave souls who thought about the future of the country and fought to attain freedom from the British for us.

6. ►Let unity be there among us even during tough situations and no kind of evil can separate the glory of our land.

These are some of the Happy Republic Day 2021 Quotes that you can say while starting or finishing your Republic day speech. One can even translate these Republic Day Quotes in Hindi and address the public in both the languages.

Top 6 Republic Day Quotes 2021 in Hindi

Top Republic Day Quotes 2018 in Hindi

By reciting Hindi Republic Day Quotes 2021, you are about to get into real emotions of every Indian and the words that are written in these Top 6 Republic Day Quotes in Hindi Font shall let the youngsters know the pain behind the freedom fighters who helped India to become a democratic country today.

1.► चलो फिर से आज वोह नजारा याद करले,
शहीदों के दिल में थी वो ज्वाला याद करले,
जिसमे बहकर आज़ादी पहुची थी किनारे पे,
देशभक्तों के खून की वो धारा याद करले ||

2. ►ना सर झुका है कभी और ना झुकायेंगे कभी,
जो अपने दम पे जियें सच में ज़िन्दगी है वही.
Live like a true Indian.

3.► आज़ादी की कभी शाम ना होने देगे,
शहीदों की क़ुरबानी बदनाम ना होने देगे,
बची है जो एक बूँद लहू की तब तक
भारत माँ का अंचल नीलम ना होने देगे ||

4.► भारत माता तेरी गाथा,
सबसे ऊँची तेरी शान,
तेरे आगे शीश झुकाये,
दे तुझको हम सब सम्मान ||
भारत माता की जय.

5.► भारत की पहचान हो तुम,
जम्मू की जान हो तुम, सरहद का अरमान हो तुम,
दिल्ली का दिल हो तुम,
और भारत का नाम हो तुम ||
भारत माता की जय, वन्दे मातरम्.

6.► ये आन तिरंगा है, ये शान तिरंगा है,
अरमान तिरंगा है, अभिमान तिरंगा है,
मेरी जान तिंरगा है…

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