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Hospitals are the place where lives are saved and nowadays it is home to all the COVID-19 infected patients for whom we must pray that they shall get well soon. There are tons of private and public hospitals in India, and here we are going to list down the 6 best hospitals in India where you can go for your treatment.

1. AIIMS-All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

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All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi has reinforced its first position among top 6 hospitals in India because this hospital has excellent infrastructure and is equipped with the best doctors and research facilities for several diseases along with leading training institute for medical students where students come from all over India.

2. Fortis Hospital, Kolkata

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Fortis Hospital which is established in Kolkata is endowed with latest medical technologies which provide the world-class infrastructure to the patients and 24- hours emergency service to the critical patients with its world-class treatment, high-class infrastructure, well-trained doctors and medical staff has secured its position in the list of top 6 hospitals in India.

3.  Apollo Hospitals

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One of the most believed names in the area of health care and hospitalization and one of the 6 best hospitals in India today is that of Apollo Hospitals, where patients get state of the art amenities, including medicine, diagnostics, pharmacy, and consultancy, from all those who are most helpful in these departments. Apollo has a connection to hospitals all over the country.

4. Tata Memorial Hospital

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Tata Memorial Hospital, a government institute, which practices in the therapy of cancer, is recognized as one of the top cancer hospitals and ensured its spot in the top 6 list of hospitals in India. This hospital was established in 1941 and is committed to working with this dangerous illness and trying to make cancer surgery affordable.

5. Lilavati Hospital

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Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, which was organized as a charitable trust in 1978, owns of the largest medical facilities in the country which is committed to offering quality care, along with state of the art facilities, foundation and qualified medical staff and focused on the health benefits of patients which are provided with 323 beds and 12 operation theaters. 

6. Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai

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Kokilaben Hospital is managed by Tina Ambani, the wife of the tycoon Anil Ambani which was discovered in 2010 and is a multi-specialty health center including 750-bed. The hospital is well implemented with all the modern facilities and operates a team of professional doctors.

Kokilaben Hospital claims of a children’s heart center, center for robotic cryosurgery, plastic and cosmetic operation center, brain and nervous system center, center for bone and joint, and many more specialized departments because of this it comes in the top list of hospital ranking in India.


Mentioned above are the top 6 hospitals in India where you can visit for any kinds of treatment. But try to maintain a healthy and disciplined life because no one wants to visit such places.

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