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Top 6 Water Purifiers Brands in India | May 2024 | Reviews

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Water is the essential basic necessity of every living being. However, with the rise of industrialization and increased pollution, it’d be appropriate to say ‘clean’ water is a basic necessity for humans. Since water sources have been polluted, we are dependent upon water purifiers for safe, clean water supply. If you are living in an area where water sources are polluted, and industries operate nearby, you need to get a branded water purifier at home for a constant supply of purified water. Best water purifiers in india of 2021 can provide you water that’s safe for health.

Various purification methods are used to clean waters by top rated water purifiers in india. Some of those methods are – RO, UV, UF, and Carbon filtration. With these technologies, your water gets free of all sorts of contamination.

If you are buying a water purifier for the first time, you are reading the correct article. We provide all the relevant information regarding the best water purifiers in india of 2021. In this article, we have prepared the list of all top brands that are operating in the market.

After intense research on products and customer reviews, we have shortlisted the products. It can be quite confusing to buy a water purifier as the market is crowded with various brands, models, and comprehensive technologies they use to purify the water.

However, here we have prepared this article with one goal – provide you an informative buyer’s guide, a list of best water purifiers brands in india, and answer your doubts through a short FAQ.

Here is our Pick

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Best Water Purifiers – Informative Buyer’s Guide

Purification System

Water purifiers apply various filtration systems for purification. There are RO Water Purifiers – it is used to purify the water that’s high in TDS, a UV system is used to purify water that’s low in TDS, along with that it purifies water that has dangerous microorganisms.

Many purifiers use a RO+UV system to fight against bacteria-infected water. Make sure to get your water tested before getting a water purifier. 

Filter and Cartridge

Make sure you get a purifier that offers an activated carbon filter cartridge and sediment. The sediment filter eliminates dust particles and dirt from water, whereas a carbon filter removes the smell and harmful bacteria.

A mineral cartridge is useful to maintain the pH level of water, test, and mineral count of water.

Storage and Purification Capacity

If you have a large family, it needs to have a large storage tank and purification capacity. 12-15 Liters of water purification capacity is enough for a small family. However, a 50-60 Liters of capacity is suitable for a large family.

UV Filters – Doesn’t come with a storage tank

RO Filters – Come with a storage tank

Make sure that you get a storage capacity of over 10 Liters.


Purchase a water purifier from a brand that gives you at least a warranty of 1-year, and excellent after-sales service.

Installation of Purifier

There are spaces where a water purifier can be installed easily, like a wall near the tap, kitchen counter. Get a purifier that comes with free installation within a couple of days of purchase.

Price of Purifier

Price is the ultimate factor while buying a product. If you are looking for budget water purifiers in india, we have listed them on this list. All the affordable water purifiers in india come in a price spectrum, you can buy a UV, UF filter because the filters that offer multiple filtration systems like RO+UV/RO+UV+UF are expensive. You can choose the product as per your requirement and budget

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