Top 6 Ceiling Fans in India in 2024 – Reviews

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Rising electricity bills are a monthly headache for everyone. We often think about cutting down the consumption, as it saves us money. But who wants to endure the scorching heat and buzz of mosquitos near the ear? That only destroys the comfort and sleep. However, there is a way to achieve both goals  – cutting down expenses and enjoying comforts.  When it comes to electricity consumption, most ignore the appliance that is responsible for the most usage – ceiling fans. We tend to think that it’s the tube lights that burn the energy, but ignore that fans are used during both day and night, while former is only at night. Roughly speaking, an average fan consumes 75 Watts while a tube light consumes 55 Watts. For the last few years, the market has been seeing an influx of energy-efficient ceiling fans.

If you’re concerned with the energy consumption, buying top rated ceiling fans is a must. If you’re thinking of buying top rated ceiling fans, then you’re at the right place.

Buying the best ceiling fans in India 2021 is a tough task as various things need to be considered before purchase. Various brands and models are available in the market. If you don’t know what factors are essential before considering a brand, you might end up buying a wrong fan that won’t satisfy your needs. At the same time, it’s illogical to try all the brands before you bump into the perfect model. To save your time that gets wasted reading ceiling fans reviews online, we have our experts tested the products and reviewed thoroughly.

To help you find the best choice we’ve curated a list of top rated ceiling fans in the market, out of these products some are budget ceiling fans in India. You don’t have to read the piles of ceiling fans online reviews. We have prepared the article with all the necessary information needed. If you read this article carefully and follow the tips given in the buyer’s guide, we assure you the best value for money brand. The article has some tips that save you money. Also the brands we have listed are all energy-efficient means your electricity bill is reduced.

Here is Our Pick :

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